Mad & Kaffe

 If you are spending the weekend in Copenhagen and love brunch as much as I do then the two places I strongly recommend visiting are Moller kaffe & Kokken and Mad & Kaffe.

We had two mornings in Copenhagen so naturally I picked the best two brunch spots! Mad & Kaffe was situated in the Meat Packing District. The system here was similar as Moller kaffe & Kokken but this time you got your own menu and you had to pick either 3, 5 or 7 items on the menu.


After ticking my 5 chosen items of the list I sat patiently waiting for my fresh orange juice and cappuccino. The orange juice was absolutely amazing, I’m not usually an orange juice fan but it was so fresh, similarly to the coffee, both tasted absolutely amazing.


This time I went for fresh sourdough and rye bread, smoked salmon, bacon, scrambled egg and avocado. I’m not one to make drastic decisions when it comes to food but I can FIRMLY say, that was the best brunch I’ve have ever had, and I’ve eaten a LOT of brunches in my time! Every small plate was so well flavoured, beautifully presented and all the ingredients tasted so fresh. The thought of it is making my mouth water right now. My partner also ordered the same items except the avocado and went for the chorizo sausage, it was also amazing!


All in all if you are an avid bruncher like me, you have to go to Mad & Kaffe! You would be mad not too….excuse the pun!!


A x


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