Black Seed Bagels

Before going to New York I had been recommended Black Seed Bagels. All the pictures of the bagels on Instagram looked absolutely amazing, so I was really excited to go. It was a little out of Manhattan in the area of Nolita. I have to say Nolita, East Village and Soho were my favourite areas of New York, so if you ever go don’t be fooled by the bright lights and busy streets, there is SO much more to NYC, so definitely explore!

IMG_4248Anyway, back to the bagels!! The cafeΒ was only small, with a few tables and chairs, but it was really busy and smelt amazing. There were 13 different flavour bagels to chose from and behind the counter was a huge stove oven, where they heated each bagel.


I decided to go for the smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel with a sesame bagel. It was absolutely incredible!! I was also really impressed with how much they managed to fit into that bagel! I was a very happy customer. I also ordered a cappuccino, which was hands down the best coffee in NY.



If you are ever in New York and are craving an amazing bagel make sure you get down to Elizabeth Street to enjoy a truly scrumptious breakfast bagel!


There were also two really incredible coffee shops on the same road called The Butchers Daughter and The Egg Shop. I ordered a Brazilian blast smoothie from The Butchers Daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed it wandering theΒ beautiful streets of Nolita!





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