Oh Barrafina – My favourite tapas restaurant in London

Oh Barrafina! I stumbled across this amazing restaurant in the summer on one of my lunch breaks. It used to be on Frith Street, but has recently moved to Dean street to a bigger restaurant. It’s always completely full, with really long queues outside!


The great thing about Barrafina is that it was the first Michelin star restaurant in London that doesn’t take reservations. If you really want to eat here, you’ll most likely be queueing for hours! I usually go at 12pm when they open, and the queues aren’t too bad! The set up works really well and there’s a long bar with the chefs cooking in front of you. Everything is cooked in the moment, using fresh seafood, meats etc. It also makes a change being able to see what is being cooked for you!


I meet my mum once a week for lunch, and this has become our local. We LOVE it. The food is absolutely amazing, as is the general atmosphere! For a Michelin star restaurant, it is reasonably priced. The specials are usually the most expensive, but its like this in most restaurants. We usually treat ourselves to a cava to start, which is great with some warm bread and alioli. If you are a fan of alioli , then you’ll certainly enjoy it.


The seafood is probably my favourite. We usually order the king prawns and chipirones. This time we went for the mussels which were on the specials menu. You can really taste how fresh the seafood is and the flavour of the fish is incredible. I’ve been about 7 times and I’ve never been let down.





I had never tried Ropa Vieja until Barrafina. It is made from chickpeas and chorizo, I can’t quite explain what it tastes like, but it’s utterly delicious. The fresh warm bread dipped in the sauce is the best way to end the meal. If you are a tapas snob like me, then head to Barrafina, you will not be disappointed!



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