Dishoom Brunching

I’ve  wanted to go to Dishoom forever. I had heard the breakfast was amazing, so as an avid bruncher, I couldn’t wait to go! The Carnaby branch has a really warm cosy feel to it, which is great considering how cold it is outside at the moment. I love Lassi’s, so when i saw the Breakfast Lassi on the menu, I couldn’t help but order it! It was full of flavours including yoghurt, banana, mango & oats. The texture was perfect and tasted so good.


For the main I decided to go for one of the classics from the ‘cooked breakfast’ menu, a dish called Kerjriwal. This consisted of two fried eggs on chilli cheese toast. This may sound simple, but mixed with the spices, it was the most incredible cheese on toast I’ve ever eaten! The great thing about Dishoom is that they have got all their flavours so right, there is nothing worse than a BLAND breakfast.



We also went for the House Granola, which consisted of homemade oats, seeds, cashews, almonds, pistachios and cinnamon, a little bit of health on the side of the cheese toast.


Dishoom is definitely up there with my favourite breakfast in a long time!  I couldn’t recommend it more, there was also NO queue, which makes a change from the hour and a half long queue you have to do for dinner!



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