Bocca Di Lupo

I have always heard great things about Bocca Di Lupo, and seeing as Italian is up there as one of my favourite cuisines, I was so excited to go here! One of my best friends came to stay for the weekend, and as we both spent our year abroad together in Verona, Italy, we couldn’t be more excited to reminisce eating amazing Italian food.


We didn’t book a table as they offer a walk in service for the bar area, where you can watch the chefs cook and feel more involved. This part of the restaurant definitely has the most buzz, so if you don’t mind waiting it’s the best idea. The menu is designed to either have a selection of small plates, or large if you don’t like sharing. We decided to share a few different small plates. They give you warm complimentary focaccia and bread, with olives on the side. This was a great start to our meal. They change the menu everyday, so chances are not everything we had will be on the menu next time.



We ordered the rocket, parmesan and manzo starter, which was delicious. The meat was so tender and the flavours went so well. We then ordered two small of pastas to share. I have to say the papardelle was the best dish we had. You could tell the pasta was freshly made, and the slow roasted meat just fell apart on the plate. The flavours were amazing. We also ordered agnolotti dal plin, made with small pieces of pasta filled with meat.This was also super yummy.


We then had a dish from ‘the stewing pot’, the boiled beef brisket with salsa verde, with a side of polenta with parmesan. The meat was so tender and the salsa verde went perfectly with the dish. The quality of all the dishes were really good, which is hard to find at most restaurants that serve small dishes.


We were super full by the end of the meal but ordered a traditional Sicilian dessert to finish. It was super delicious and full of flavour! If you are crazy about Italian food, then Bocca Di Lupo should be top of your list of places to go.




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