Afternoon tea at The Ritz

I’ve always dreamt of going to The Ritz, so when I was given the opportunity to go for Afternoon Tea I was so excited. The whole experience was amazing, from dropping your coats at the poshest cloakroom, to visiting the ‘powder room’ (as they like to call it). The room where they serve the afternoon tea is so grand and beautiful, I couldn’t stop staring at the walls and decor.


The tea menu was of course huge. I opted for ‘The Royal’ (in other words, English breakfast tea). The thing about The Ritz afternoon tea, which I didn’t know before, is that the food is unlimited!! Yes, the sandwiches, the cakes, the scones – everything!


As expected the quality of the food was fabulous, and the service was amazing. They were always offering more of anything you wanted. After finishing the sandwiches, the freshly baked scones and the sweet treats, a man came round with a trolly filled with fresh tarts/cakes to try. The pear and chocolate tart was the best dessert I have ever eaten… and I’ve eaten a lot of tarts in my time!


It was such a lovely experience and definitely the best afternoon tea I’ve ever had… mainly down to the fact you could enjoy as many unlimited treats you wanted!


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