Sketch Mayfair

Sketch in Mayfair is an extremely unique restaurant, which offers a very distinctive menu! I’ve never eaten anywhere like it, so I was really excited to go! We dined in The Gallery Room, which is completely pink – every girl’s dream. Everywhere you turn you see sketches all over the walls and plates, contrasting completely to the interior of the restaurant. One thing I have to mention is the room was pretty dark, so my pictures are not ideal..


The whole experience was brought to you with surprises, including opening the menu and being presented with pop-up 3D forks! The cocktail list was very extensive and exciting, but I ended up going for an elderflower and gin one, as I’m a big fan of elderflower. It was delicious and very pretty.  The staff were extremely friendly and so efficient. My water glass was never empty, which is something I always appreciate at restaurants!


The whole menu was amazing – slightly confusing as I hadn’t heard of a lot of things that were featured on the menu, but we had our lovely waiter to help us out to explain everything. For starters we went for the razor clams baked in a whole leek & the salmon in a “Tchouki-Tchouki” marinade. Probably the best starter I have ever eaten. I absolutely adore leeks and razor clams so this was always going to be a winner. It was also decorated which was seemed like Oreo crumble (It definitely wasn’t Oreo) but tasted incredible!



For our mains we had a Rack of Iberico Pork, Mint Lamb Croquettes and a Montepulciano D’Abruzzo red to match. I know I keep using the words incredible and amazing, but it really was the best food I’ve eaten in a while.. if not ever!


The attention to detail in each dish was flawless, and both desserts to finish were a complete work of art. We had Aubenas, which is a chestnut cream with coffee parfait and a Tchouki, soya milk custard, with Malabar ice cream and frosted banana. So pretty we didn’t want to eat it!



The toilets at Sketch are always a talking point! They are pretty cool I must say! After a few drinks, those white lit up eggs would confuse the hell out of anyone, but definitely an amazing room to walk into after being in The Gallery!

If you are looking to go somewhere for a special occasion then Sketch should DEFINITELY be top of your list!



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