Bottomless Brunching at Flesh & Buns

Wait for it, not only is this bottomless drinking, but it’s also bottomless EATING… yes I said it. What more could you want!!

Walking down into the restaurant we were greeted by friendly staff, great atmosphere and an open kitchen and bar. Before the drinking began, we were given the option of either white wine, red wine or prosecco. Naturally I went for the bubbles. On top of that you chose from either a bloody mary or a peach bellini. My friend and I went for the bellini’s to start. The cocktails  also came with an amazing guacamole and tortilla chips to have as an appetizer.

They recommend about 3 starters per person, but unlimited for those who want to try everything on the menu. We went for the wings, squid and ceviche. We could have carried on eating but needed to keep space for the famous buns!



The buns were next on the menu. We went for the traditional pork and beef ones. They were so light and the meat so tender! Wow – we were so full. The mixture of the bubbles and unlimited starters was too much…We were not complaining though!
We completely forgot that dessert was included and were so full but couldn’t resist when it arrived! We were given the most incredible warm doughnuts filled with caramel sauce and a creme brulee. The warm doughnuts were definitely the highlight!


As far as bottomless brunches go, this was up there with one of my best! Definitely one to visit on a completely empty stomach though as usually bottomless brunches mean waaay too much drinking and not enough eating, but definitely not here!


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