I started Lima to London for one simple reason, I love eating! My friends always comment on how much I eat out so I thought it was about time I shared all my foodie experiences for the whole world to enjoy.

I also love travelling, who doesn’t? so on the side I will also share all my travel experiences too!

I recently landed my dream job in food and drink PR, which not only means I do what I love, but I’m in the heart of Soho, with all the best restaurants right on my doorstep!

I have always dreamt about starting my own food blog, purely because my whole Instagram and Snapchat is always filled with food, and I’m sure all the friends are sick of it by now! So I decided that 2o16 would be my year to pursue what I love doing most!

Why Lima to London? I’m lucky enough to call London my home, but I have a Peruvian background, which is something I am so grateful for, not only because of the amazing food but also because of the amazing culture. By now, most people will know how popular Peruvian food has become all over the world, so I thought by naming it Lima to London it would make things a little more exciting.

I’ve always been a keen believer of the phrase ‘everything in moderation’ and I really think I’ll be able to relate that to my blog, whether i’m eating my favourite burger or pizza, or enjoying sushi or ceviche!


A x


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